"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly know how far they can go"

Monday, May 23, 2011


I am a little behind on the updates and plan on getting caught up soon. I have run another 7 since my Mytle Beach update and have seen some amazing places and met some amazing people. I am currently at 40 States completed and on track to finish up December in Honolulu. More to come soon!

Monday, February 28, 2011

South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) 2-19-11

This is the race I tried to do last year but it was cancelled due to snow. The south doesn't do very well when it snows and South Carolina is no different. The weather forcast this year was much different with starting temps in the high 50's and climbing to the upper 70's during the day. To be honest with you I would of rather run this in the weather they had last year.

My buddy David made the trip to SC and he is turning into a real maniac like myself. He is on a current streak of a marathon a month for the last 7 months. The race this year sold out for the half but had a few open registrations for the full. Again there were alot of maniac and 50 Staters there and it was good to see some familiar faces and some new. The course was very flat but we did have some wind to deal with at spots along the ocean. Overall this was a good race and Myrtle Beach is a fun town. This race was my 50th marathon in 34 States so I am starting to get closer to my goal. I still remember when I told Wendy I only want to do 1 marathon to see what it's like, maybe I meant 100, who knows.

I am off now for a few weeks and that is good because next up is DC National Marathon and NJ Ocean Drive Marathon double on March 26 & 27. I only have 2 doubles on the schedule this year compared to the 4 I did last year. Don't tell anyone but David is signed up to try his first double. Hopefully he will go through with it, we will see how he does on the back to back long runs we have planned for this weekend. Hope everyone is doing good and I will let everyone know how the double turns out.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

California (Surf City Marathon) 2-6-11

What a perfect time to throw a California marathon into the schedule. While most of the country was dealing with the snow, ice, and cold (including Houston) we were in sunny California walking down the beach watching the surfers and people on the beach playing volleyball. The mornings were cool and the afternoons warmed up to the low 70's.

This was one of the first marathons that we decided to stay at the host hotel and we were glad we did. We literally walked out the front door of the hotel and there was the start and finish lines. The expo was also right across the street so once we were at the hotel we were there for the weekend and never had to use the car. Huntington Beach is such a neat town which is very laid back with lots of great places to eat. The expo was well done with lots of exihibitors and some that I haven't seen at other expo's.

As far as the race it was very well done and the course is very flat. There are alot of long straight aways which makes it a little boring but you are by the beach for most of it so that's not too bad. There were alot of Marathon Maniacs there so I was able to see some friends I already knew and had the chance to meet new ones. Wendy rented a bike and was able to ride the course during the race and we were able to see each other a bunch of times. I know I have said this before but she is so supportive and I really enjoy having her out on the course. After the race it was nice to be at the hotel where I could clean up, have a couple of beers, relax, and watch the Superbowl. Overall this was a fun race and one that I would recommend to others. The medal is one of my favorites which is a surfboard.

Next up for me will be on the east coast at Myrtle Beach, SC. Last year I tried to run this race but it was cancelled due to snow. So far the weather forecast looks much better so it should be a good race. It will be my 50th marathon so a little milestone for me. Hope everyone is doing ok, and I will update everyone after Myrtle Beach.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nevada (Running from an Angel) 1/8/11

It seems like it has been a while since my last update. Since the OBX marathon in NC I ran 2 repeat States, Baton Rouge Beach Marathon in LA and The Texas Marathon on New Years day here in Kingwood, Texas. Both were alot of fun and the medal they gave at the Texas Marathon was unreal. By far it has been the largest medal I have recieved and it weighed in at 3.3lbs. It really felt great to go out and run a marathon New Years Day.

After a couple of repeat states it was time to get back to buisness and start checking off the remaining states I need. The first one on the list was Nevada and from what I read it was going to be a very challenging course. The race was put on by Joyce at Calico Racing and let me tell you she knows how to put on a race that is like no other. If you are looking for your average marathon with lots of fan support and one that doesn't challange you then stay away from this race. If you want something that has lots of long challenging hills (some with a 8% grade) and some of the most beautiful scenery then this race is for you. My buddy David ran this one with me,(he is becoming a maniac just like me but don't tell him that) and we had a great time. Like I said earlier the scenery was amazing and this was the first marathon that I actually carried a camera with me during the run. The Nevada desert by Lake Mead is amazing. The support on the course was great, the weather was perfect, and all the runners were experianced marathoners. After doing this Calico race I will definatly be adding more to my future schedule. Joyce puts on several races all very challenging and unique.

Next up is Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA on Superbowl Sunday. This is going to be a much larger event with most of the runners doing the half marathon. With a cap of 15,000 between the full and the half only 2,000 are allowed to run the full. It should be a great run and we are looking forward to it. Until then I hope everyone is doing ok and they had a great holiday. I will update everyone in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

North Carolina (OBX Marathon) 11/14/10

After last week in WV it was a quick recovery week and we headed back out this time to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Wendy and I decided to make it a long weekend for her birthday. We flew into Norfolk, VA on Friday and drove down to NC. After checking into the hotel we went to the expo to get that out of the way and leave us all day Saturday to check out the sites. Our plan was to drive the Outer Banks down to Cape Hatteras to see several of the light houses but that didn't work out for us. There was a low pressure sitting off shore that was creating issues with the tides and during high tide the water and sand covered the roadway which made it impossible to pass. They actually had heavy equipment to remove the sand once the tides went down. We were able to drive some of it but just couldn't make it as far as we wanted. Even though we couldn't make it down the banks we were still able to check out the other surrounding towns which was really nice.

Sunday morning arrived and it was a nice cool morning. It was a point to point race with about 1800 marathoners. The half marathon started at the half way point and had about 4000 runners. The course had alot to offer including several different surfaces including a 3 mile stretch through a nature preserve that was a trail run with lots of rolling hills. We also got to run around the monument that was built for the Wright Brothers dedicating the place where they first flew. The 1st half of the race had alot of shade from the sun which was really nice. Shortly after the half way point we had no shade and the sun was starting to beat down on us and the temps were getting higher. At mile 22 we had a big bridge that we had to climb that was a real challenge. Once we made the bridge it was about 3 miles to the finish. The finish area was nothing but a party and there was even an older couple serving margaritas to the runners...I couldn't pass it up. This race was alot of fun and for only being in there 5th year running they did a great job. There was plenty of aid stations that were very well stocked and the people of the communities we ran in were very supportive. I would highly recommend this race for many reasons.

I now have 31 States completed and my next 2 marathons will be repeat states. One in LA and another here in TX on New Years day. After that I go to Nevada to run out by the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. This will be a very challenging run with lots of hills and long climbs but should be very scenic. Until my next race hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the holiday season.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

West Virginia (Marshall University) 11/7/10

After 3 weeks off it was time to get back to hitting the road and knocking off a couple more States. This marathon was in Huntington, WV where Marshall University plays football. If you have ever seen the movie "We Are Marshall" you know about the tragedy that happened to their football team. We flew into Charleston the day before and it was an easy 1 hour drive to Huntington. Looking around there was nothing flat about the area so I was wondering how they could say the course was relativly flat. There was alot of people that I knew running this race including several from Houston and a good friend of mine I have been running with for several years. There was no expo except a local running store selling a few items, just an area set up to pick-up your packet. They did give you a really nice fleece jacket instead of a shirt if you registered early enough.

Race morning was a cold 26 deg and it sure felt good. Beings the race was small we were able to stay warm in the car until just a few minutes before the start. We walked a few shorts blocks to the start and within minutes we were on our way. The course was fairly flat as advertised and the sections that went through several parks were very nice. My buddy David and I ran the race together and we were able to see Wendy alot beings she was able to move around easily. She really is amazing when it comes to her support at these races. The highlight of this race had to be finishing at the football stadium on the field. For the last 200 yards or so you enter the stadium and once in they hand you a football. You then run down the sideline and once you are at the far end zone you turn around and run down the center of the field for the last 100 yards.

Overall I really enjoyed this race and with the finish in the stadium it is one that I will remember for a while. With this one in the books that now gives me 30 States and after this weekend in North Carolina I will be in the teens for remaining states. Until next week I hope everyone is enjoying what ever they may be doing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Indiana & Ohio Double 10/16/10 & 10/17/10

This turned out to be a pretty tough weekend. The balls of my feet got pretty tore up last weekend at Hartford and they weren't really ready for a double this weekend but I tried to stay positive and see what I could do. The first race of the weekend was in Indianapolis and it actually turned out to be a pretty good race. The weather was good, the course was isolated to prevent alot of road closures which meant we did alot of looping and out & backs. There was not alot of fan support but we passed other runners alot and we all encouraged each other. There were a few hills more in the front half but nothing that hard. My feet seemed to hold up for the first 20 miles or so before they started to get bad. I could feel the pounding was starting to cause blisters which wasn't a good sign beings I had another marathon tomorrow. I took it really easy during the race and treated it like a training run hoping to save some. Over all I think I was able to accomplish that and came out feeling ok except for the blister issue.

After the Indianapolis race Wendy and I headed out for our 3 hour drive to Columbus. This race was going to be alot bigger than what I have started to like. The race was completely full in all events which had a cap of 15,000. Some of my favorite races have been 300 or less runners. We made it to Columbus with no problems and headed straight over to the expo to pick up my packet. After that we made our way over to the hotel where I tried to work on my blisters and rest my feet. After a good night sleep we headed to the race start and was feeling pretty good, even my feet seemed to be a little better. The race started at 7:30 and as promised it was crowded. The first 5 miles went well then around mile 6 the blisters were really starting to ache. At mile 10 I felt the ones on my left foot break and then at mile 13 the same happened to my right foot. This is where things really got tough. I had just over 13 miles remaining and both feet had open blisters. Of all the marathons I have completed this had to be my toughest test. I continued to put one foot in front of the other trying to block out the pain just trying to get through 1 mile at a time. I saw Wendy just before mile 20 so I stopped and talk with her for a few minutes, ate and drank a little bit before pressing on for the final 6 miles. I was finally able to cross the finish line but it was one of my worst marathons. Even though the time wasn't good I felt a great deal of accomplishment to stick with it even though things were not going good. This one really took alot of blood, sweat, and tears to get through.

I now have a 3 week break and after completing 25 marathons in 12 months I can use the break. I have 29 states completed and 2 scheduled for next month. I am going to use this time off to rest up and heal. I will update on next months races but until then I hope everyone is doing ok.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Connecticut (Hartford Marathon) 10/9/10

I know I told you the next race was the Indy/Columbus double but at the last minute I decided to run up to Connecticut and squeeze in the Hartford marathon. Not sure if this was a great move because I was really tired for this one. I did ok up through 18 but then fell off pace and then with having the double next weekend I decided to just let it fall apart and not really trash myself.

The course was ok, nothing really stands out on this one to say it was a great race. The organization and support was good and between all the events it was a fairly large field of participants. It was actually larger than what I have become to like. The weather was also a little warmer than what I would of thought for October and it was a little windy. There were some hills to contend with but nothing really crazy, and alot of city streets that were not in the best condition. There were alot of Marathon Maniacs and 50 Staters there so that was fun to see alot of them. The best thing about this weekend is I was able to check off Connecticut. That gives me 27 down and if all goes well I will be at 31 by the end of the year. That's about it for now, I plan on taking it easy this week and hopefully rest up enough for next weekend. Until then hope everyone is having fun doing whatever they may be doing.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New York (Wineglass Marathon) 10/3/10

You have to love fall marathons and this was a great one. We flew into Cleveland and instead of flying closer to the race we decided to drive and take in all the fall scenery and the changing of the leaves. Living in Texas we don't get to see this and it was amazing. It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive each way but it was well worth it. The race was a point to point which started in Bath, NY and finished in Corning NY. The packet pickup was in Corning and it was such a neat little town. The people were so friendly and they have a glass museum that is just amazing. The things that people make with glass is unbelievable.

Race morning was a cool 44 deg and it felt great. The course was mostly flat to a slight downhill with just a few small climbs. Most of the course went through the wine country with some miles through towns along the way. The colors of the trees were amazing and if you took all that in and not just focus on the running you were in for a real treat. Overall I had a really good run until my knee starting bothering me around mile 20. The week before we were in Hawaii snorkeling and I was out for a morning run when I was running downhill on the backside of Diamond Head when I took a fall and bruised up my knee, elbow and a few other scratches. The knee had been feeling better but it started to get sore on the run. I finished with a 3:48 so all in all not much to complain about. I know I have said this alot with other marathons but this is one worth looking at. These small town marathons have so much more to offer than the big races. They are so much more personable and offer far more.

This was my 40th marathon and 26th State that I have completed. Next up is another double, Indianapolis & Columbus in two weeks so I will rest up a little for that. Until then I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying whatever they may have going on.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pennsylvania (Erie Marathon) 9/12/10

After last weeks Quad Buster in Idaho I was looking forward to this race as it is a very flat course. It is run at Presque Isle State Park which offers lots of shade, very little traffic, great views with water on both sides and a nice breeze coming off Lake Erie. The temps at the start of the race were around 60 and never really changed during the race. It was raining at the start but that stopped about an hour into it and the rest of the day remained cloudy. It was a double loop course that had the most aid stations I have ever seen in a marathon. There was one every mile, so for every loop there were 13. My goal for this race was a 3:45 but I fell a little short. The first loop went well and I was on pace for a 3:40 but during the 2nd loop I started having problems with a few muscles getting tight. With the aggressive schedule that I have I decided to back it down and not risk an injury. I would rather lose a little time on 1 marathon and still be able to maintain the schedule. Overall this turned out to be a great day and another great small race. It was the 37th running and it is put on by a local running club with just under 500 finishers. Entry fee was just 40 bucks and you got a long sleeve shirt, hat, and the medal was made out of ceramic. Anyone looking for a race to try and BQ, this one could be that course as long as the weather cooperates. Next up is New York which will be held upstate in the wine country. After reading all the reviews this promises to be another good one. Until then hope everyone is having fun with whatever they are doing.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Idaho (Pocatello Marathon) 9/4/10

Two words can sum up this marathon...Quad Buster. Let me start by saying this was really an awesome race but harder than what it looks on paper. Elevation in Pocatello is just under 4500 and the race starts at 6000. Looking at the elevation chart you think this shouldn't be that bad because it is all downhill. The problem is you drop almost all the elevation in the first 10 miles and then you start playing the up and down game. Some of the drops in the first couple of miles are really steep and it is easy to get carried away with your pace. Once you realize you went out too fast because of the downhills it is too late because you already trashed your legs. The race started at 6:15 and the weather was perfect at 48 deg and felt very cool. By the time we got to the half way point things began to change quickly once the sun came up. There was not a cloud in the sky, no shade, and it heated up well into the 70's. The scenery was amazing especially during the first half of the race, nothing but mountains on both sides of you. There were about 375 people running the marathon so it never felt crowded at the start or during the first half of the race. The problem came at the half way point. The 1/2 marathon started at 8am so by the time we made it to the half we were having to fight our way through that pack of runners. This was defiantly a race of two different halves. The first with lots of steep downhills, cool weather and fantastic scenery. The second half was alot more uphills, higher temps, had to work your way through the half marathoners. Overall I had a great race and was able to keep my average and finish with a 3:56. I would highly recommend this race, they do a fantastic job and treat the runners great. You get alot of stuff for your money including a really nice backpack for your bag drop. This is a race I would go back and do again. Next up is Erie, PA next weekend so until then hope everyone is having fun with whatever they are doing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Alaska (Humpy's Marathon) 8/15/10

Well after a 2 month break and spending a month of that spoiling my granddaughter it was time to get back to the marathon scene. We picked things back up with Alaska and this was one that I was looking forward to after all the heat here in Texas. The race was in Anchorage and the weather was between 50 and 60 degrees. We flew in early Friday morning which gave us a couple of days to goof around. The race was on the coastal trail system so we decided to rent bikes on Saturday and ride the course. It is a beautiful trail with rolling hills and alot to see. The course had 2 different out and backs and we rode the main one which was a 22 mile ride. During the ride we were lucky enough to see moose which was great. We saw the mother and 2 calves feeding right along the trail. The calves were about 10 yards away from the mother and they were very curious of Wendy and I. The calves actually came up to Wendy and I but we kept a close eye on the mother hoping she wasn't going to get spooked and want to protect her young. After the ride we went and picked up our packet, spent some time walking around downtown Anchorage and then went to the free pasta dinner that night which was very good.

As far as race day we woke up to some really heavy fog. The race started at 9am so it had time to burn off. The temp during the race was 50 at the start and about 60 at the finish. With riding the course the day before I knew what to expect with the hills and where the bigger climbs were. During the race I saw moose again right along side of the trail this time 3 females all eating. The volunteers working the race did a good job telling the runners to be alert and that there were moose ahead. None of them seem to mind us running next to them and they went about the business eating the leaves off of bushes. Overall it turned out to be a great day and a pretty good run after coming off a 2 month break with not alot of long runs. There were alot of 50 Staters and Maniacs there so it was good seeing alot of them again. Next up is Idaho on Labor day weekend so until then hope everyone is doing good.